Be Fair In Your Weight Loss Journey

Benefits of Interval Training

There are many benefits of interval training. To appreciate these, it’s best to group them so we can look at each in turn. I’m sure, like me, you’ll be incorporating intervals into your routine as part of your general fitness regime in no time at all.

The Physiological Benefits of Interval Training

The physiological benefits are simply amazing. A study was carried out in Japan by Dr. Izuma Tabata at the National Institute of Fitness and Sports on two groups of athletes/sportsmen. One group performed only traditional long endurance type sessions and the other group performed mainly ultra-high intensity workouts.

It was found that, over a six week period, each group made very similar gains in aerobic capacity (VO2 Max). Though the traditional group was ever so slightly higher, the interval group made the most gains overall as they started out lower.

Also, as this type of training crosses between the aerobic system and anaerobic system, the interval group also made anaerobic gains whereas the traditional group made no anaerobic gains at all.

You will also find that your metabolism will be that much higher. For the following 24 hours (at least) after an interval session your metabolism will be super charged. You’ll see this over a few weeks when you notice your physique chang, as you’ll be stripping away your excess fat.

Results from Interval Training

The results will speak for themselves!

First of all you’ll see a very quick increase in your overall fitness. Your first session will be extremely tough. But if you persevere to your second or third week, you’ll be much more able to cope with them and will hardly be able to wait for the next sessions. The endorphin rush is awesome.

If you also perform traditional longer aerobic sessions or perform any sport, then you’ll see a difference here too. They should be easier! This is due to your gains in VO2 Max, or aerobic capacity.

And then there’s your body composition. Interval sessions have become very popular in recent years as your super charged metabolism will almost melt away your excess fat. What a result!

Benefits of Interval Training on Your Lifestyle

Aside from the physical gains you make, interval sessions have a direct impact on your lifestyle too.

How on earth can that be?

Because interval training tends to be much shorter in duration than traditional long endurance sessions.

Which would you prefer for your general fitness . . . 60 minutes of running, or 15 minutes of interval training? I know what I would prefer. Interval training!

This is because you potentially gain so much time back. Time which could be spent with the family, or doing the things you love. So why not incorporate these sessions into your exercise regime? Take a look at the growing list of free workout plans to see if any suit your needs. There’s plenty of HIIT workouts and Tabata workouts. Take them and modify them as you wish.