Be Fair In Your Weight Loss Journey

Extreme Workouts – HIIT Training

HIIT training definitely falls in the category of extreme workouts. (HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training.)

It’s an unbelievably awesome fitness trainer and calorie burner.

Studies have shown that you can burn fat more effectively by HIIT training than you can if you were spending hours each week doing long aerobic workouts.

Oddly, even though these sessions are much shorter in duration, it can apparently improve endurance performance.

I love this method of fitness training, especially if I am pressed for time. It eliminates the need for those long hard slog sessions that take up so much of your week.

However, I use them sparingly as they can be very tiring. I only use HIIT training 2 times per week tops for no more than a 4 week period (followed by at least 2 weeks doing something else), though I know people who do 3 sessions week in week out, endlessly.

Extreme Workouts – Running HIIT Procedure

Even after a warm-up, I start off by jogging for 3 minutes, just so my legs and joints get used to the impact. These are tough fitness sessions, so I want to be thoroughly warmed up to avoid an jury.

I then sprint at about 90% of my maximum speed for 60 seconds. I ease in and out of the sprint, rather than explode into a sprint like a sprinter from the blocks. Again this is to avoid injury.

After this, I’ll ease back to a steady jog. You’ve got to let yourself recover in time for the next sprint! I’ll jog for 60 seconds before easing myself into another sprint for 60 seconds.

And so on.

I’ll repeat this so I complete a total of 6 to 8 sprints, depending on my energy levels. I’ll always plan for 8 though!

I definitely had to build up to this! When I first started these types of sessions, I could only do 6 sprints and the in-between phase I walked rather than jogged.

After my final sprint I’ll jog for 2 minutes to ease myself out of the session.

This session takes around 20 minutes to complete, a little longer with a thorough warm up at the beginning and stretching at the end. So it’s a fantastic alternative to the 60 to 90 minute type endurance sessions for sure.

See below for these steps in list form . . .

Thorough warm up routine3 minute jog to ease in to session60 second sprint at 90% of maximum60 second steady jog to recover60 second sprint at 90% of maximum

And so on for a total of 8 sprints2 minute jog to ease out of session

Remember, if you are looking for extreme workouts, this is definitely one you should look into. But it’s a very demanding fitness session, so you should build into it gradually.